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Mr.Roger and  Mrs. Alice Eddé @ EddéSands  
The ongoing restoration of a 200-year-old souk, EddéYard, a project spearheaded with love by Roger and Alice Eddé , is also reviving the city of Byblos as an accessible and exciting cultural and social center worthy of its destiny.
Before EddéYard came EddéSands, the seaside retreat that since its opening in 2003, has become a year-round beach resort and wellness center. Its natural beauty combined with a forward-thinking focus has invited comparisons to the resorts of the French Riviera.
Now into its fifth year, EddéYard resurrects the authentic souk of Byblos and helps reestablish it as a must-see destination for locals, visitors, and ex-pats alike. Woven seamlessly into the rhythms of the workaday souk, with its cobbler, bicycle - repair shop, barber, tailor and carpenter, are architecturally-restored shops housing cafés, restaurants, pubs, a bookshop/gallery, a sculptor's workshop and high-quality artisanats. Alice Eddé relentlessly supervises the quality of the shops. It is her firm belief that the recent explosion of Lebanese creativity needs outlets and exposure. Thus the opening of both Miss é, elegant fashion accessories, and éBoutique, delightful household accessories.
It is a pedestrian village linked by ancient cobblestone alleys, table-studded courtyards, music and impeccable Lebanese hospitality. Infused with a vibrant spirit, it is a timeless place in which to spend time: to browse by day in original enterprises housed within painstakingly-restored architecture, to soak up by night international cultural events, from art exhibits to musical concerts in an enchanting atmosphere.
EddéYard started with the opening of one eatery, the éCafé, in a stone courtyard in the Old Souk's main shopping way, and has become the epicenter of a lively destination for cultural events and family and friend gatherings year-round.
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